Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Video tutorial site

Always on the look out for a good reference site to add to my favorites I found a new video site this week while searching Fireworks help. While Fireworks is no stranger to me, using Fireworks to help with the development of some features for the use on the web such as graphical animation is something I am somewhat of a novice at. While looking for help in this matter, I followed the advice I usually dish out in chat, I "Googled" the information I was looking for, and was not disappointed! In the process, I found a new favorite site: Best Tech Videos.

The site is a free site with thousands of technical tutorial videos on any subject within the realm of computer science. You don't even have to register to search and view videos, and from what I could tell, there isn't a limit to the number of videos you could view at any one time. Those that know me know I have been preaching about the benefits of Atomic Learning since our school board had licenses for all of us. When our licenses ran out, I paid for an additional year, I loved the site so much. However, Best Tech Videos takes the cake for computer related videos. Anyone can register on the site and view the videos; although, again, it is not necessary to register. After I found a very helpful, fully detailed video on Fireworks, I did a search of some other topics that I thought would generally come up in search terms and found tons of videos on Windows XP, Win 7, Mac OS X, and photoshop. The site is a D-I-Y designer's dream!

If you do register, again, totally free, you can log in and set up a customizable profile selecting topics and search tags that interest you. It then searches for the latest videos on your selected topics. Need help with Dreamweaver, Fireworks, or Photoshop? No problem - the videos are there! You can watch the video all at once, or pause it as you follow the steps in the program on your own computer. I watched the video all the through once, then watched it again as I followed along in Fireworks. There is also a forum, blog, and RSS feeder available. Looking for code? They have videos full of whatever kind of code you need. PHP, Ajax, javascript, jQuery, C+, asp.net - its all there!

I've found other video tutorial sites before but have always found them limited in the amount of videos you were allowed to watch at any one time, for free, or limited to specific programs or applications. Best Tech Videos has everything. Check it out!


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